Overcasting Foot (G), Brother
Overcasting Foot (G), Brother

Overcasting Foot (G), Brother

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This foot mimics a serged/overlock effect in that it prevents raw edges from fraying by wrapping thread around the edges.

Guaranteed to fit Babylock Sewing Machine Models:
BL80B Jubilant, BLBA Ballad, BLCH Chous, BLMVE Vesta, BLSA3 Solaris Vision, BLTA Altair

Guaranteed to fit Brother Sewing Machine Models:
B373, B375, B376, B377, BC2100WT, BC2500, BQ2450, BQ2500, BQ3050, BQ950, BQ3100, CS6000B, CE1100PRW, CE1125PRW, CE-4000, CE5000, CE-5000PRW, CS5000H, CS5055PRW, CS-6000, CS-6000i, CS7000H, CS7205, CS770, CS8070, CS8080, CE8100, CS8120, CS8130, CX155LA, DZ2400, DZ2750, DZ3000, DZ3400, DZ820E, ES2000T, ES2010, ES2020, ES2200, ES2210, ES2220, ES2400, ES2410, ES2420, FS100WT, FS130QC, FS20, FS40, FS40WT, HE120, HE-240, HS2000, HS9500, Innov-ís 40, Innov-ís 80, Innov-ís 4000D, Innov-is 990D, Innov-is XP1 Luminaire, Innov-is XP2 Luminaire 2, JS50E, LB-6770, LB6800, LB6800PRW, LB6800THRD, LB6810, NC21-S2, NC21-S3, NC21-SE, NQ1300, NQ1300PRW, NQ3600D, NQ3700D, NQ575PRW, NQ700, NQ700PRW, NQ900, NQ900PRW, Innov-is NS80PRW, NV1, NV1200, NV1500D, NV200, NV2800D, NV350SE, NV400, NV400SE, NV4500D Duetta, NV500, NV500D, NV5000, NV600, NV6000D, NV6700D, NV750D, NV780D, NV950, NV950D, NV1200, NV900, NX200LE, NX200 Innovis, NX200 Pacesetter, NX-250, NX450, NX450Q, NX5000, NX650, NX650Q, PC210PRW, PC420PRW, PC6500, PC660LA, PC8200, PC8500, QC1000, QS480, RS250, RS260, S62, SB1000T Simplicity, SB3129 Simplicity, SB700T Simplicity, SB7500, SC6600, SE1800, SE1900, SE-270D, SE-350, SE400, SE425, SE625, SM6500PRW, SQ-9000, SQ9285, SQ9310, ST150HDH, Star 110, Star 120E, Star 130E, Star 140E, Stellaire Innov-is XJ1, Super Galaxie 2000, Super Galaxie 3000, ULT2001, ULT2002D Pacesetter, ULT2003D, VM5200, VQ3000, XR1355, XR3140, XR3240, XR3340, XR6060, XR-6600, XR-7700, XR-9000, XR9500PRW, XR9550PRW, XS2070, XS2080, XS2100

Guaranteed to fit Simplicity Sewing Machine Models:

Guaranteed to fit Singer Sewing Machine Models:
1500 Izek, 2009 Athena, 7285Q Patchwork, 7422, 7424, 7426, 7430, 7436, 7442, 7444, 7446, 7462, 7463, 7464, 7466, 7468, 7436, 7470 Confidence, 8763 Curvy, CE-100, CE-150 Futura III, CE-200, CE-250 Futura III, CE-350 Futura III, SES1000 Futura III, SES2000 Futura III

Alternate Part Numbers: XC3098051 (XC3098-051), OCF, XE6305101, X51162001, XC3098-031

  • Presser Foot Shank Type  Snap-On
  • Presser Foot Type   Overcasting Foot