Automatic Buttonhole Foot (R), Janome
Automatic Buttonhole Foot (R), Janome

Automatic Buttonhole Foot (R), Janome

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This foot ensures all your button holes and drawstring holes are perfectly stitched and even.

Guaranteed to fit Elna Sewing Machine Models:
680 eXcellence (Plus), ef72, eXcellence 720PRO, 730PRO eXcellence, 780 eXcellence (Plus), 920 eXpressive

Guaranteed to fit Janome Sewing Machine Models:
Continental CM17, Continental M7, MC14000, MC1500 Horizon, MC15000V3, MC6650, MC6700P, MC8200QCPSE, MC8900QCPSE, MC9400, MC9400QCP, Memory Craft 9450QCP, Skyline S6, Skyline S7, Skyline S9

Alternate Part Numbers:862822002

  • Presser Foot Shank Type  Snap-On
  • Presser Foot TypeButtonhole Foot