Sew a crawling blanket - colorful and practical

Your baby can discover a piece of the world on a cuddly soft and colorfully designed playmat. This post tells you how to sew a practical crawling blanket!

General tips for sewing a crawling blanket

You can choose the look and size of the crawling blanket as you wish. Is this your first time sewing a playmat? It is recommended for beginners to create a square baby blanket  - preferably in a patchwork design. In terms of size, 80 x 80 centimeters is a good guideline (and also the dimensions of the crawling blanket to sew yourself from the sewing instructions that follow immediately).

Materials for the crawling blanket

To sew a colorful patchwork playmat you will need these materials :

  • two different cotton fabrics
  • two different fleece fabrics
  • Volume fleece or  padding wadding
  • patchwork ruler (or regular ruler)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • tape measure

You will need four 15 x 15 cm squares of each of the four fabrics (two cotton, two fleece) . A total of 16 "fields" are created.

Tip: There are many different  patchwork fabrics that you can use for your quilted baby blanket. How about the color combination red-violet, for example? Or do you prefer a green-blue mix? For a natural look, we recommend a fabric that combines various shades of brown. 

Sew a crawling blanket yourself - that's how it works

The following step-by-step instructions will show you how to sew your playmat:

  1. Step 1: Arrange the fabric squares in four rows - the way you want the center of the playmat to be at the end.

    Tip: Alternate the cotton and fleece fabrics, but make sure that the colors harmonize.
  2. Step 1: Sew the fabric squares together in rows. Whether you take the rows vertically or horizontally is up to you. So grab the first pair of two and connect them right sides together. Then sew the third square of the row to the first pair - row 1 is done. Repeat the process with the other three rows.

    Tip: Set your sewing machine for the fake overlock stitch. Alternatively, a normal stitch is also an option. In the end, however, you have to clean it up with a zigzag stitch. 
  3. Step 1: Lay the first row of squares on top of the second row, right sides together. Sew the two rows together (on the wrong side only).

    Tip: Make sure that the squares lie nicely on top of each other.
  4. Step 1: Unfold the stitched rows and place the third row on top of the second row, right sides together. Sew the two rows together - this time on the right side.
  5. Step 4: Repeat step 4 with the last row (place right sides together on the third row, sew the two rows on the right side together).

    Note: The patchwork interior of the playmat is now complete.
  6. Step 1: Measure the width of the ceiling with a standard tape measure. It should be about 50 centimeters.
  7. Step 1: Take the measured width plus five centimeters for the first two outer fabrics (height 15 centimeters each). Cut out the pieces of fabric and sew them together as you did the patchwork rows - on two opposite sides (top and bottom or left and right).

    Tip: Use one of your fleece fabrics for this. 
  8. Step 1: Measure the entire width including the sewn-on outer parts. Again cut out two strips of fleece fabric (measured width plus two inches, six inches high). Sew these to the other outer sides (top and bottom or left and right).
  9. Step 1: Cut off the excess fabric at the edge.

    Note: The border of the crawling mat is now finished.
  10. Step 1: Spread out a large piece of fleece fabric in front of you and place the blanket on top (right sides together as always). Roughly cut out the lower fleece fabric along the "template". This will be the underside of the playmat.
  11. Step 1: Sew the top and bottom of your cuddly soft baby blanket together all around.

    Caution: Leave a turning opening of about 25 centimeters in the lower area. Do not sew these up for the time being.
  12. Step 1: Cut off the excess fabric and carefully cut off a small piece from each of the four corners (to avoid ugly spots after turning).
  13. Step 1: Spread out the batting and place the playmat on it. Again, use the ceiling as a "template". The fleece must be the same size as the blanket (minimum smaller).
  14. Step: Stuff the fleece into the playmat while turning it inside out.
  15. Step 1: Stitch over all seams with the sewing machine - first on the outside, then along the patchwork rows.

    Tip: Use a normal straight stitch here. 

    Note: Take off the foot pressure (the blanket is relatively thick) and always pull the fabric layer apart a little with two fingers so that you catch the seam well.
  16. Step 1: Cut off any threads that are still sticking out (front and back).
  17. Step: Finally, close the turning opening - preferably with an invisible stitch, otherwise completely normal. 

Baby blankets make babies happy

It's not that difficult , even for beginners , to sew a quilted playmat. You have a lot of freedom in terms of material, design and size. This makes the DIY work fun - and your baby is guaranteed to be happy to play and romp on his new playmat!